Internet Security – The Best Method to Secure Your Ebanking Transactions

Internet banking is revolutionizing banking transactions. Many banks have gone electronic and are enjoying the benefits. The security measures that banks use to protect their internet banking transactions are well-designed. However, customers are responsible for ensuring that they take appropriate security measures to protect their online transactions. These internet security tips will help you avoid becoming a victim or cybercrime. Click here usergorilla.

A recent survey revealed that more than 60% have been victim to unauthorized account acces and other criminal acts in the last two years. To safeguard your online financial activities, you need to be familiar with some easy internet security tips. Below are some easy tips to keep in mind when you use these e-services.

You must first keep your password and pin secret. This information should not be shared with anyone known or unknown. It is important that you change your password frequently and maintain the same unique password.

* Second, make sure to protect your system from online-based threats. Internet security measures should include installing anti-virus software up to date, and spyware removal software. Spyware allows hackers to access your private information via the internet.

An important part of internet security is updating operating systems and firewalls. These are designed to prevent unwanted elements from entering your system and act as a barrier that separates your PC from the internet.

You should also regularly check your bank transactions statements and your pass book to see if any transactions have occurred without your knowledge.

* Be alert and vigilant when accessing your online account through a public computer (office computer), internet cafe or other computer.

* As an active internet security measure you should always log out of your email account after completing a session. Crackers can gain full access to your account by logging off. They can also carry out unauthorised transactions.

These are essential internet security tips you must follow to protect your account from malicious e-elements.

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